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These are some of my favourite pop-up books, mostly chosen for their interesting mechanical design rather than their stories or pictures. For this reason I’ve listed them with their paper engineers rather than their authors or illustrators. Most of these paper engineers have produced many more pop-up books which are equally amazing and well worth tracking down.

A Piece Of Cake - David Pelham

Ali Baba - Ionicus

Alice In Wonderland - Robert Sabuda

Beauty And The Beast - Roland Pym

Beware of the Story Book Wolves - Corina Fletcher

Big Noses And Flappy Ears - Paul Unwin

Bookanos 1- 17 - S. Louis Giraud

Colour Surprises - Chuck Murphy

Dinner with Fox - Claire Littlejohn

Dinotopia - Rodger Smith

Dracula - David Hawcock

Great Pop-Up Buildings Of The World - Paul Smith

Haunted House - Jan Pienkowski

Hot Pursuit - Kees Moerbeek

How Columbus Discovered America - Voitech Kubasta

International Circus - Lothar Meggendorfer

Jungle Days - Helen Balmer

Kubla Khan - Nick Bantock

Leonardo Da Vinci - John Strejan

Little Red Riding Hood - Bruce Foster

Max’s Machines - Willy Bullock

Mummy - Matthew Reinhart

My Under The Sea Pop-Up Book - Gill Guile

One Red Dot - David Carter

Pinocchio - Paul Taylor

Pirate Ship - Ariel Apte

Planes Of The Aces - Keith Moseley

Pop-Up Globe - Andrew Bennett

Sailing Ships - Ron Van der Meer

The Amazing Spider Man - Andy Mansfield

The Castaway Pirates - Ray Marshall

The Giraffe That Cock A Doodle Dood - Keith Faulkner

The Nutcracker - Nick Denchfield

The Ultimate Bug Book - James Roger Diaz

Those Fabulous Flying Machines - Ib Penick

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea - Sam Ito

Wonderful Earth - Paul Wilgress

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